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This post is written for the ultimate Celine fans, those who cannot leave their house without the Replica Celine Handbags – the ideal everyday bag, with surprisingly large space en recognized by the vintage-frame with the brand’s signature on it.

You see, we have found the shoulder bag version and it’s in the mini size too, super cute. The elements are obviously inspired by the iconic 2jours tote like the golden frame on the front flap, very feminine, very modern.

At times when the Celine tote needs to stay home because it’s too big and heavy for the parties. Or when you just don’t feel like carrying large bags, then move quickly and switch over to the Celine Mini Rush Shoulder Bag. Compare it to the Chanel Wallet on Chain Collection, it’s a can’t-miss item for your wardrobe right?

Replica Celine Handbags

You need to know that the Celine Mini Rush Bag comes with a thin chain strap, just large enough to look fabulous on your right shoulder. The Mini Rush like to company you when your style is casual-meet-elegant, you know, your favorite street-chic outfit. But what you will love the most is that the shape of the bag – it’s not like a wallet, that would be too small. It has a round shape, purposely made to enlarge the interior so you can carry all your necessities, including your daily essentials.

The Gucci Replica Handbags ​didn’t come as a surprise, because we had already spotted the 2-jours inspired clutch bag some time ago. We had also featured this bag at BRAGMYBAG, like our Facebook page so you will always be ahead of the trend.

A complete classic mini bag with Celine logo embossed on the hardware, especially the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. And the colors are to-die-for, you like pale-lemon, powder pink, snake black or pale spearmint. Measuring 4.75 x 6.25 x 2(L x W x D), available at Mytheresa for €610 in calf leather and €680 in snakes skin.